Time Line Therapy™ was created by Tad James in 1985 and uses a collection of processes and techniques which are quick and have long lasting transformation. The process of Time Line Therapy™ allows you to work on the unconscious level to release the effects of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  These can be removed in minutes so that we can now behave more appropriately in the future, leaving us to live the life we truly want.

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs are stored in the unconscious mind with the intent to protect us. The way we presently react and our approach to life is based on events in our past. Our emotions are being stored from childhood. A lot of the time we are not aware that this is what is stopping us from achieving our full potential. Or why every relationship seems to run the same course time and time again. Or why we stop ourselves from taking amazing opportunities that have been presented to us. Time Line therapy™ helps bring together the conscious and unconscious mind, and allows freedom from the undesired negative emotion. This allows you to react or behave differently as you are not basing current experiences on the emotions of the past.


When the emotions of past events have been removed you are free to create your goals and really focus on them and have the life you truly deserve.

Its my pleasure to share this testimonial I received from a days breakthrough session.

‘Committing to Jeans development programme has changed my life both personally and professionally.
It has made me think about my life differently and has enabled me to live a much happier life and not keep looking over my shoulder at the past. When I need to make decision now, I make them freely without the knots of fear in my stomach that I used to suffer. I now live life thinking freely without fearing any of the consequences of making changes to my life will bring. I live my life with more energy and enthusiasm every day. I highly recommend Jean for her programme and her coaching skills. ‘
Deb Frewin