What is NLP?

Richard Bandler and John Grinder founded NLP in the United States in the mid 70’s. They began by examining processes used by highly effective communicators. They found ways in which people could quickly and effectively change the way they thought, to bring about huge change in their lives.  Neuro Linguistic Programming enables practitioners to use their language skills and body language to create positive change in themselves and others. NLP is effectively a toolbox for the mind, and can replace unhelpful behaviour with more empowering useful behaviours.

What does NLP stand for?


The letters NLP are short for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro relates to the brain and nervous system that connects our brain to all the cells of our body. Everything we do starts with how we are think.

Linguistic relates to the way we use language, weather that is verbally or non-verbally.

Programming is how we have been programmed based on our environmental influences and our individual biochemistry.

Why choose NLP?


NLP is a fast process and content free. If you are feeling stuck or feel that something is missing in your life, NLP will free your thinking that will help bring about change and help you get what you want from life. NLP will also increase your confidence and motivation and propel you to achieve your goals.


Have an amazing day